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AbelCine 高速運動攝影播放系統
Operators and broadcast engineers can create stunning, revealing Ultra Slo-Mo with confidence and familiarity because the Phantom v642 based AbelCine Live Sports System drops seamlessly into your established Sony / EVS ecosystem. No redundant components are necessary. New Sony camera control components and existing EVS systems with the latest software update make your truck ready to create Ultra Slo-Motion.

Two way transmission, paint, tally, intercom and other standard live broadcast features make using Ultra Slo-Mo, powered by Phantom, a standard experience with a minimal learning curve. The new "multi-matrix" color management system, derived from the recent released v642 Phantom, ensures inter-cutting match with existing broadcast cameras. Color matching and dual simultaneous outputs enable live or Ultra Slo-Mo from one camera position, using familiar Sony camera control equipment over a single SMPTE 311M hybrid fiber-optic cable.

The same cable fully handles communication with EVS, including all EVS "hypermotion" functions such as partitioning, triggering and playback control of the Phantom camera's internal RAM. "Hypermotion" fully integrates the RAM partitions as playback sources into the standard EVS server.






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